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Top Things To Not Say To Cops When Pulled Over

We have all Most of us have been there before, getting pulled over by the police and trying to figure out exactly the right thing to say. Now, there are a variety of different possible situations on tap here. Obviously, the severity of the driving violation that you just committed could fluctuate. Also, you could be dead to rights on something that you know you committed just in front of a cop or potentially, the police could’ve gotten a report, having no idea if what they think you did it is fact or fiction. However, I would think there are some ways that you just simply shouldn’t respond to a police officer coming up to your car to conduct a stop and this time, we hear some stories about just that.

As we dive through the list of things to not say when pulled over, we touch on a couple of stories from stunt driving in the parking lot and explaining to the officer how you’re a professional stunt driver all the way down to the traditional “Officer, I’m sorry, the clutch slipped.” It seems like this gentleman has been in more than his fair share of police encounters thanks to his driving habits and hearing exactly how he dealt with each is an incredible experience to ride along with. Perhaps, it will shed a little bit of insight on how you shouldn’t handle interaction with a police officer. (i.e. Don’t be like this guy and tell the cops that you have a dead hooker in the trunk.)

Follow along with the video below from the Vin Wiki YouTube channel that It Is certainly a fun watch and listen. It’s a lot more entertaining to hear about police stories when you aren’t the one being grilled or ticketed. However, at the time that all of these indiscretions went down, I would venture to think that our narrator might’ve been just a little bit nervous and probably disgruntled when the interaction ended up being unfavorable in the long run. After hearing about these police stories, be sure to tell us what your most memorable encounter with a police officer has been.

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