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Totally Blind, Dan Parker Goes Into a New Shop and Works the Mill Like a Pro

There are certain things in life that we can easily take for granted. Some of these things, like the ability to see, we’ve had for the entirety of our lives but they can be taken away in an instant. When we think of it this way, it might make us a bit more grateful for what we do have.

For Dan Parker, he doesn’t have the luxury of properly working vision. After a 175 mph crash, Dan would be permanently blinded. This would seem to insinuate that Dan wouldn’t be able to participate in much when it comes to motorsports. From building to competing and everything in between, not being able to see would prove to be a massive handicap. No matter how stacked against him the deck was, though, Dan wouldn’t give up.

Even after being blinded Dan would be able to set a record at the Bonneville Salt Flats on a motorcycle. That isn’t where he stops, either. It might’ve taken some thought and creativity, but eventually, he would be back in the shop again as well. This isn’t limited to basic work either. In the video below, we watch as Dan actually makes use of a mill. This could be a piece of machinery that could be dangerous if not used properly. Even without sight, though, Dan manages to use it with only the smallest margin of error.

Seeing something like this in practice is nothing short of motivational for just about everyone. Dan Parker had a very valid excuse to give up racing and working in the shop alike. It turns out that he’s only excelling in both categories in his post-sighted life.

We’re not quite sure what’s next for Dan but watching him in the shop is nothing short of an absolute treat. This ladies and gentlemen is how to persevere!