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Touchlessly Cleaning a Very Dirty Trailer WIth Ease!

If there’s one thing that car guys seem to be infatuated with it would be trying out all kinds of different cleaning products to make sure that their rides are shining and looking their best. It’s something that we put lots of time and effort into in order to make our toys really pop.

This time, we check out a job that just so happens to be a little bit bigger, though. In this demonstration, we’re looking at none other than the process fo removing dirt from a semi truck trailer. This could prove to be something that could be a rather tough job.

Instead of doing it all by hand, we check out a product that simply sprays on and rinses off, taking all of the harshest dirt and grime that the road has to offer and rinsing it all away to show the shining white surface that lies beneath the coating of nasty.

Check out the video below that almost feels good to watch as everything is washed away with one fell swoop. The demo was done with something called “Nerta’s Active Diamond” and the result that lies beneath is something that really impressive!