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Tour and Cost Breakdown Shows us the Reality of Owning a 60×40 Shop House

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on July 16, 2021

For plenty of car fans, in the back of our heads somewhere, we would love to have a home that perfectly centers around a dream garage. Sure, the dream of a detached garage is pretty awesome as well but how cool would it be to have a massive garage at your fingertips without even leaving the four walls of your home?

Recent trends have created structures that allow the best of both worlds. With what’s known as a “shophouse (shouse)” or “barn dominium,” basically, homeowners now have the option to have a much more functional structure instead of just a typical home with a separate building for toys. Outside, the structure might look like a typical steel building but these homes can definitely be decked out to be pretty luxurious as well as providing lots of space for toys.

One of the big question marks surrounding these sorts of structures is how exactly one would go about putting them together. At the end of the day, being able to shop around and find one of these things on the real estate market probably isn’t all that great of a possibility. Instead, if somebody wants to construct their very own barn dominium, there is a good likelihood that they will have to go about putting it together themselves. This creates a whole new set of hurdles to be able to get over.

Down in the video below, we check in with Create 208 who has already gone through all of the work himself. In this one, we get the complete rundown on everything from construction to how to get the right loan and even what something like this costs. Somebody heading into a project like this likely has tons of questions and this is the video that takes the liberty of answering them all!


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