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Tour the Luxury Interior of the All-New 2021 Ford F-150

Over the decades, the pickup truck has really become something that it never used to be.

As many of us have come to notice, today’s pickups are basically luxury cars with an incredible capability for work. Back when pickup trucks were originally becoming popular, they were nothing more than all-out workhorses. While they haven’t lost their workhorse lineage, they certainly have picked up quite a few perks along the way.

In fact, we might even argue that the interior of pickup trucks is where the biggest change has taken place. Sure, the functionality has certainly bumped up along the way as well. Even the most basic trucks today are able to outperform and out muscle trucks top-tier performers from a couple of decades ago.

Inside, though, we have taken leaps and bounds. It’s really not even a comparison.

These days, inside the cab of our favorite new trucks, we really have come to expect a lot. Even in base model vehicles, the feature set has taken off. Depending on the model, there are all sorts of different trinkets included with basic trucks, from display screens to things like Bluetooth connectivity, that really make them easier to use and sometimes more fun.

This time, we dive into the latest pickup truck from Ford in their 2021 Ford F-150. With every generation that comes out, it seems like the attention to detail really takes a substantial step up when it comes to both functionalities to creature comforts.

With that in mind, what is the latest from Ford really looking like these days?

By following along with the video below from Auto INTERIOR, we get a pretty good idea of what this truck is going to look like. In addition to seeing all of the features and designs that will come in 2021, we also get an idea of the color palette available.

It seems like, in order to compete in the truck market these days, optional luxury isn’t enough. Buyers need a variety as well. This time, we really get to see what Ford brings to the table.