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Tour One Of The Largest Porsche Collections Around

One of the most interesting things about the car community as a whole is that there are so many different directions that one can go in. Behind every car, there is a unique story and the number of unique cars just goes on and on as far as the mind could imagine. Every day, there is a new story being told which means that we will never run out of these automotive tales.

This time, we get to dive into an interesting group of circumstances that allows us to check out one of the coolest collections on earth. Thanks to the folks from the Petersen Automotive Museum YouTube channel, we get to tour the collection of one Bruce Canepa.

This collection consists of a showroom, garage, and even a restoration shop. While some of the cars are for sale and really have our minds wondering what it would like to be behind the wheel, others tell a story that is more than priceless.

Throughout the collection, we find a wide variety of Porches that really paint a picture of an iconic past. However, there are all sorts of different strokes that will have just about every variety of automotive performance enthusiasts entertained. It isn’t often that we find a collection that has a little bit of something for everybody but we think that this collection really does that job well.

Down in the pair of videos below, we get a guided tour of the hundred-plus car collection. Not only do we get to see the beautiful works of art on wheels. We also get to learn a little bit about what makes some of them so special. At times, it isn’t the automobile itself that provides the full value. Instead, additional value can definitely be added by the lineage behind these prestigious rides.