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Tour the Multi-Million Dollar Personal Collection of Barrett-Jackson’s CEO

When the lights are bright and the auctioneer’s voice is crackling, selling some of the high dollar vehicles that roll across the block at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, not too many people are thinking about the guys behind the auction. Every once in a while, though, the CEO of Barrett-Jackson, Craig Jackson, emerges himself in the action every once in a while, deciding that he wants to put a bid in place on one of the vehicles that has found its way to his auction. After all, if someone is exposed to that many auctions and has such a sum of money, it could be hard to say no. Just imagine having tons of buying power and having to look at those kinds of cars all day long as other people get to have all of the fun!

As it turns out, Jackson does have quite the collection himself. Many would even consider this to be a collection that dreams are made of as he has a multi-million dollar garage absolutely stuffed to the brim. Even the structure itself that has been custom built to not only maintain some of the most impressive cars in the world but also to display them in a literal light that makes them look as good as they possibly can, is enough to make just about any auto enthusiast drool. When beginning to see the contents of such a collection, falling completely in love is definitely an acceptable response.

By following along with the video below from Business Insider, we get to see the personal collection of the one of the individuals behind one of the most successful auto auctions in the world. This collection that dreams are made of has a varied consistency of supercars and muscle cars along with a couple of picks that maybe wouldn’t be so expected. I think it is safe to say that pretty much any enthusiast who ends up gazing through this collection of cars could find at least a couple of pieces to fall in love with.