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Touring the $32 Million Porsche Design Penthouse With a Car Elevator

There’s an old saying that tells us that money can’t buy happiness.

However, I would rather be crying in a $32 million penthouse than most other places in the world. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t want to cry at all. If I absolutely had to, though, knowing that I owned such a place would probably take the edge off a little bit.

All jokes aside, there is some pretty crazy real estate floating around in this world. Just when we thought we had seen it all, someone else comes up with another wild idea to top it off. The latest that we stumbled upon is the highly extravagant and exclusive Porsche Design penthouse.

The folks behind the Porsche Design Tower don’t appear to have any direct affiliation with Porsche automobiles. However, according to our host, Parker, Porsche Design is owned by another member of the same family as Porsche automobiles.

We kind of figured that there was some relationship because of one key feature. The building in question has an elevator designed for your car. That’s right, you don’t have to leave your vehicle in order to get to your room. That might just be the most convenient feature ever.

Each and every floor in this building is special. However, as one might expect. The penthouse seems to offer up something else entirely. With 20,000 square feet stretched out over four floors, there is luxury every way that we look. Between the automated toilet seats, $100,000 racing simulator, and high-end materials everywhere, this place leaves no stone unturned.

In fact, we think that this is something that is better shown than told about. By following along with the Vehicle Virgins video below, you’ll be able to join in with exactly what this amazing penthouse has to offer. Even having never set foot in the building, I already don’t want to leave!



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