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Touring the $500,000 Earthroamer Camper (It Can do it All!)

When hitting the road in a camper, comfort is a must. However, it comes as no secret that the more options onboard, the more the cost is going to rise. At $500,000, the Earthroamer XV-LTS has quite the hefty price tag. When we step inside, though, we find just about every option that one could ever want or need. In essence, this monster of a camper offers just about everything in one concise package. We’re fairly certain that this thing will have the owner living better than a great deal of the world.

Built off of a Ford F-550 chassis, the package is able to offer a robust platform that’s a bit more mobile than most RVs. Two inches of lift is accompanied by an air-ride suspension that allows up to 6″ of travel adjustment. This also helps out with leveling ability when in a campsite. In addition, bead lock wheels and a winch help add a little bit extra functionality to the package that promises to make off-road travel a breeze. To top things off, on the outside, a night vision camera up front that allows for easier navigation when light is low. This is really just the beginning.

Inside, we almost don’t even know where to begin. Perhaps the best part of this camper is that it’s able to house a king-sized bed. One of the most difficult parts of living on the road might be having to cram one’s self into tight sleeping quarters. That’s simply not the case here, though! The king bed is even accompanied by a flat screen television. The camper also offers two extra single convertible beds with the couch and dinette.

With everything from custom dish storage to a nice sized fridge and even a bathroom with all the amenities of home, occupants probably won’t skip a beat. If this sounds awesome, then imagine what the rest of the features are like. We’ve only scraped the surface. By following along below, we get a complete tour of this camper that seems to do it all!

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