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Touring a $2,000,000 Motor Home With its Own Supercar Garage

They do say that money can’t buy happiness which we can agree with. However, what “they” don’t mention is that money can buy you a lot of other things.

For example, purchasing a Volkner Mobil Performance S motorhome probably won’t single-handedly make you happy but the luxury cruiser can facilitate a lot of adventures that will. This particular motorhome isn’t just a luxurious home on wheels. Instead, the rolling palace that provides a home away from home can act as a garage as well.

We’re also guessing that if you can afford the RV you probably have a pretty awesome supercar to match.

Inside the machine with the $2 million price tag, we find that the asking price is able to purchase every creature comfort that one could ever want or need. Not only that but we find an insane amount of functionality packed in as well. However, the main attraction of this one is a steel floor plate on hydraulics that slides underneath of the motorhome. This structure allows the owner of this machine to carry around the supercar of their choice or whatever else they can manage to fit in the small hidden garage.

This time, we get the rundown on what such a crazy machine encompasses and what you can expect to find inside. Let’s just say that for the asking price, we think that they have thought of just about everything here.

By following along with the video below, we get a guided tour from Enes Yilmazer that shows us exactly what it means to be mega-rich.

Even after checking in with all the features that this luxury motorhome has to offer, I think that we can still say that money doesn’t buy happiness. With that said, having one of these bad boys and cruising the open road certainly is something that we wouldn’t mind doing.

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