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Touring Jimmie Johnson’s Warehouse of Cars, Guitars, and Bars

Over the years, Jimmie Johnson has put together quite the career for himself. As it turns out, being the most decorated NASCAR driver of all time with seven championships affords one some luxuries in life.

As such, Johnson has elected to put together a warehouse to store all of his toys. In addition to the street machines that one would expect to find in any car fan’s warehouse, Johnson has picked up some sentimental and special pieces along the way as well that really have some interesting backstories.

When the tour with Graham Bensinger starts out, we get to see where the racing legend competed in his roots. Not only do we get to see the first car that Johnson had ever driven competitively but we also get to see the very first motorized machine that got Johnson into racing, a small dirtbike that hasn’t seen action in quite some time.

From there, we check out the car collection and then dive into an antique bar that Johnson salvaged from Philadelphia, a guitar collection that he says he traded some helmets for, and even his monumental trophy collection that has more metal in it than most.

By following that video below, we get to see exactly how the racing legend spends his money and what kind of machines he likes to keep around. After tuning in with something like this, we can’t help but wonder how we would spend the money if we had taken home as many winnings as Johnson. At the end of the day, I think that we all have our own personal lists of dream machines and how exactly we would store them in the perfect garage with every amenity. Johnson has certainly managed to find an epic way to bring his personal list to life!


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