Touring the Most Luxurious Luxury Car Ever Made

Have you ever just seen something so incredibly luxurious that you can’t help ...

Have you ever just seen something so incredibly luxurious that you can’t help but wonder how one would acquire so much money to throw around? Well, the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is the machine that embodies that concept. This car goes above and beyond in just about every category that we could possibly imagine. To say that the creation lives in the lap of excess would definitely be an understatement.

This time, Supercar Blondie has tracked one down and will be taking us on a tour of the machine. After seeing this one, we can’t help but want to go for a ride in the amazing car that comes in with a price tag of $870,000. Oh yeah, before we forget, this is the cheap version. The price tag can end up being $1.8 million if the buyer decides that they want military capabilities like bulletproof panels and a grenade proof undercarriage.

So what is it that makes the ride worth all that much money?

Obviously, throughout, we find the highest-end materials imaginable. With all of the space inside to spread out, the car is laid out more like a small home than it is a vehicle.

There are really too many features to name them all. However, some of our favorites are dedicated champagne glass holders along with heated and cooled cupholders. There is also some pretty cool lighting on board that really distinguishes this car from the rest. We aren’t talking about just your classic LED lighting, either. Instead, there is an entire panel of glass that’s able to be color tinted with the push of a button. That’s really just the beginning of it all.

By following along with the video below, we check in with the ultra-luxury machine. Designed for presidents and the highest spenders, this ride is one that’s sure to turn a couple of heads.

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