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The Most Unique Tow Rig We Have Ever Seen!

First and foremost, in a sport like a racing where are the scene is pretty cluttered with male testosterone, it’s really refreshing to see a woman that gets herself in there and kicks ass just like the guys do on a day in and day out basis.

This time, we check out a female piloted racing boat that really is a bad ass machine. When this thing comes screaming past the camera you can really tell that it’s something special and it’s a true treat to get to see it up close and personal as it comes rattling up to the trailer with an exhaust note that promises vengeance.

Furthermore, the rig that is pulling this thing out of the water is also a complete showpiece of a car that has been transformed into a purpose-built hauler complete with matching paint and all. All in all, we have to admit that this is really an impressive machine that you can tell has a decent amount of time and money invested.

Take a ride on the wild side by checking out this female piloted monster of a machine down in the video below and tell us what you think of this incredible rig.


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