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Tow Truck Driver Arrested For Trying to Repo a Cop’s Car

Nobody wants to get their vehicle towed, especially for a repossession. As if being behind on payments wasn’t enough, getting a vehicle taken really brings a wrecking ball of stress. Everyone has to make their payments, though, otherwise, the repo man will be coming in hot! Even those in law enforcement have to make sure to keep up with payments, otherwise, the bank isn’t going to be happy.

Other than the target of this repossession being a police detective, it was otherwise just another tow for Jose Rodriguez. However, as he would go about his job, things began to escalate in a negative way. As Rodriguez would hook up the car and attempt to complete his goal, CBS New York says several off duty officers would stop him. They wanted him to drop the car. He would even be offered back payments. However, it’s illegal for the repo man to take payment for a vehicle. That’s something that the bank has to handle. From there, the police would take matters into their own hands. This was the beginning of a long couple of days for Rodriguez.

The tow truck operator would be arrested and put in jail for the day. The arresting party claimed that he in possession of the stolen property when, in fact, he had an order to repossess the vehicle. Since the time of the issue, the charges have been dropped to misdemeanors including failure to display a front license plate and towing without a valid New York City towing license. Rodriguez and the company are arguing that the latter isn’t necessary. They say that a license is only needed for commissioned tows. Repossessions are private, instead, and don’t require a license.

Rodriguez and his attorney met with NYPD internal affairs but will not speak on camera. The NYPD reportedly declined multiple requests from CBS for an interview.