Toyota Corolla Owner Shows – Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Sometimes, when it comes to getting a job done, it isn’t always just about ...

Sometimes, when it comes to getting a job done, it isn’t always just about having the best equipment. Sometimes, it’s all about the will to get to that finish line that will determine if somebody is able to get the job done or not. However, we wouldn’t take that as an encouragement to try and push something to the limits that aren’t safely designed to be taken to the limits.

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The perfect example of this is pushing the towing capacity on pretty much any vehicle. While people do it every day, and we aren’t necessarily sure that it’s really the greatest idea. While it might get the job done, who knows what kind of damage is being done to the vehicle that’s being pushed past its capacity or the danger that the driver is in should they decide to go to a crowded interstate with their actions.

This time, though, all of those concerns seem to be in the rearview for one Toyota Corolla owner who seems to be incredibly confident in their rig. Regardless of if this car should really be pulling a Jeep Cherokee behind it, the driver doesn’t really care. In fact, the level of care is so little that the car doesn’t even have a tow hitch. Instead, the trailer is chained to the inside of the trunk somehow.

Instead, the front-wheel-drive car is put to work, using a car dolly to pull the Jeep behind it. Where exactly this driver is going, we can’t really be sure. However, we still think that it’s interesting to watch this Toyota truly pushed to the limits.

Just when we thought they might’ve been kidding about how functional Toyotas can be, this video shows us another side of that equation that might swing some opinions in the favor of Toyota. On a more serious note, though, please don’t try this one at home!

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