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Toyota GR HV Concept Provides Both Automatic and True H-Pattern Manual Gearbox in One!

At water coolers across the country, there is an ongoing debate on whether or not an automatic transmission or manual transmission is the best suited for a particular job. While there is evidence on both sides of the matter and many folks have picked their perfect fit and stuck with it, there are some people who just prefer to enjoy the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, if you want to drive an automatic or a true manual, you need to have a car that set up for each respective application, obviously.

Sure, there are racing applications that will allow you to manually shift an automatic transmission and auto-manual modes in some modern cars but if you want a true H-pattern manual, there’s no way to get around having that and only that. This time, however, we take a look at an engineering plot twist that would dictate that Toyota came up with a little something that will allow you to do both at the push of a button. The concept would seem like something that would almost be out of an action movie. There’s no way that you can have an automatic and a true manual transmission in one… Or is there?

As Toyota has pulled the covers off of a new hybrid sports car, the first that the brand plans to offer in this category, in the GR HV, depending on what kind of driving you’re looking to get into, you can pick between the two! It almost seems too complicated to be true, when you think about how massive both automatic and manual transmissions can be, respectively, however, it appears that they have figured out a way to make it work. It’s unclear if the concept will actually come to life or not in a real-life consumable vehicle but, the fact that they’re even thinking about it and have created something that was capable of doing this is pretty insane, to say the least.

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