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Yet Another Toyota Tundra Climbs to Over 1 Million Miles!

No matter who is shopping for a vehicle or what the sole purpose of said vehicle, reliability is important. There are certainly other factors to consider. However, absolutely nobody wants to purchase a vehicle that’s going to leave them stranded on the side of the road. It seems like some manufacturers are better able to execute on reliability than others. In fact, some models really seem to go so far above and beyond that they become known for this reliability. When considering the lifespan of a vehicle, trucks like this one are downright crazy.

Now, there are certainly no guarantees when purchasing a vehicle. We also don’t think that every single Toyota Tundra is going to be able to break the million-mile mark. However, as far as we know, there are already a handful of these trucks that have made it over that milestone. To most, a couple hundred thousand miles on a vehicle is plenty for one lifetime. However, for the owners of this Tundra, six figures is just the start. In fact, he admits that he’s crossed six figures in a single year before with his Toyota.

In this particular case, we’re not looking at a truck that has had an easy life, either. Some trucks might be reserved for light duty hauling. However, this Toyota Tundra has been put to work for a logistics company. The best way that the duty is described is a subcontractor that is used to haul all sorts of different loads.

Many of these jobs come from an oil field job site as the truck has managed to clock all of those miles. By following along with the video below, we get the complete story on all that it takes to bring a truck to 7 figures of mileage. It would be pretty neat if we could all figure out a way to get this kind of life out of our vehicles.


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