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Track Safety Worker Gets Trapped Under Concrete Barrier After Demolition Derby Crash!

In a destruction derby, you absolutely never know what’s going to happen. With the event that’s set up with that nothing but pure mayhem in mind, sometimes, you just get what you ask for. Sure, there are certain safety measures put in place so that cars won’t end up blowing up on the drivers but get your competitive edge cranked up to a whole new level. It’s definitely something that you might want to keep your distance from as a spectator because parts go flying and sometimes, the entire cars may cause mayhem in the area surrounding the event.

This time, we tune into an issue that happens right outside of the ring that the demolition derby is going down in. The guy who got caught in the crossfire could’ve never done anything to predict what was going to happen but that didn’t change the fact that he was, in fact, tied up in a bad situation during the demolition derby after he might’ve gotten just a little bit too close to the action and ended up having one of the concrete barriers pushed over and onto his legs as one of the cars was thrust up into the air and caused a sort of domino effect that made it all happen as the man was pushed to the ground.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to be on the scene of the event that night as it got a little bit scary. However, we did get reassuring news, shortly following, that the man who got his legs stuck under this barrier was aware and alert. We’ve received no other news as to the physical condition of his legs following all of this but hopefully, if the early news is any indication, he will be quite alright when the dust settles.