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Tractor Drag Racing is a Real Thing! Tractor Racing Competition at Rural Olympics

If you’re any sort of racing enthusiast, you know that people will race just about anything that has a set of wheels and even some things that don’t! The point isn’t how much money someone can throw into a machine to get out there and race because, while that can be cool and all, not everyone has unlimited cash to get out there fulfill their need for speed. This time, we check out a rather obscure racing format as a video from India brings us a collection of beefed up farm tractors are going at it in a drag race. No, you didn’t read that wrong and yes it is as interesting as it sounds.

It looks like hundreds of people are on the scene to watch as these competitors line them up and get into action with their respective tractors, pushing forward just as one would in a normal drag race on their journey toward the finish line. When you break it all down, it looks exactly like a crowded street race except instead of the street, it’s going down in a field and there are three competitors in this race instead of two. At the end of the day, these guys are able to get out there and compete, throwing down in their farming equipment built for speed.

Check out the video of the competition down below that might be just a little bit new to you and be sure to tell us what you think of this format of racing. If you were in the area of one of these races, would you head on out to see exactly what was like in person? For one, I would be incredibly intrigued to head out there with my camera and get a couple of clips of these guys in action.