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Tractor Pull Fails Might Win For The Most Carnage Ever!

If you have ever seen a tractor pull at full throttle, you know that these competitions can get rather heated. When you’re putting that many high-performance parts together in such a package that needs to have everything on the same page at the same time while hauling a load unlike any other, things can get rather volatile. When they do get nice and heated, we’re able to watch some of the biggest explosions that motorsports have to offer whether they are literal explosions, machines shaking themselves to the ground, or somewhere in between is yet to be determined.

This time, we take a look inside of a collection of tractor pulls that might just be the hardest fail rides that you will ever witness and that’s not to say that these guys are any less serious as competitors. Seriously though, some of these things get pretty intense as machines not only catch on fire and explode but also destroy other parts left and right, even going so far as rolling their massive structures over. You literally never know what’s going to happen and sometimes, the carnage can almost be too big to measure. It might get downright overwhelming when you take a look at what some of these machines end up getting themselves tangled up in.

Follow along in the compilation video down below that shows you some of the most intense moments that you might have never seen during a tractor pull. With that many factors going into making a pull like this successful, you never know when something is going to go wrong. Success is hard to achieve in a field like this and watching somebody make a good pull is rewarding but, it’s equally as interesting to watch one of these things go their hardest and explode into a million pieces. The human nature side of us just simply can’t look away when something like that is going on, as long as the driver ends up walking away with their good health.