Tractor Pull Goes Bad in a Hurry! Weight Sled Fails And Causes Serious Damage!

We’ve seen our fair share of carnage from truck and tractor pulls, but we have to ...

We’ve seen our fair share of carnage from truck and tractor pulls, but we have to admit, it’s almost exclusively damaging to the trucks and tractors themselves. However, the video below shows some carnage that’s is a little different in nature, although it absolutely still falls under the category or tractor pull carnage.

Details about what caused this failure are practically nonexistent, but it’s obvious that’s exactly what happened here. As the tractor proceeds to begin the run, the weight sled, which is supposed to slide up the trailer as the run progresses, remains at the bottom of the angled trailer. Then, as the tractor runs out of steam near the end of the run, the weight box suddenly blasts up the sled and plows through the metal stops and over onto the back of the tractor. It doesn’t actually hit the driver, thankfully, as his roll cage did its job and stopped the out-of-control weights from continuing further forward.

The impact, which can clearly be heard over the running engines and large crowd, looks to have buckled the trailer and sent the sled operator for quite a ride, or at least we think it did, as the camera man, for whatever reason, turned the camera way from the incident a few moments immediately following the sled malfunction. We aren’t sure if he just didn’t notice what was going on, or if he turned the camera away just in case there were injuries and he didn’t want to be disrespectful of those involved. He eventually does turn the camera back to the incident, catching the event staff and crew rushing in to assess the situation and those in need of help. This is definitely quite a unique occurrence, and we hope there’s been some kind of safety innovation come about to prevent this from happening again.

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