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Trapped Bear Destroys Inside of Car at Bachelorette Party

Both bachelor and bachelorette parties are known for their wild escapades, but what unfolded at this particular bachelorette party near Lake Tahoe took an unexpected turn. In fact, we get a feeling that this is a story that the attendees will tell over and over again for the rest of their lives.

The group of girls had rented a home for the festivities when they were taken by surprise as a black bear decided to crash their party, quite literally. To their amazement, the bear managed to find its way inside one of the girls’ cars and inadvertently shut the door, trapping itself inside. Aside from someone getting hurt, this was about a worst-case scenario as the damage was ready to multiply.

Usually, bears infiltrate cars in search of food, but this situation was anything but ordinary. Not only did the bear succeed in entering the car, but it also unintentionally sealed its fate by closing the door behind it. With no way out, the bear decided to make the most of its predicament.

In a frenzied attempt to escape, the colossal creature unleashed its might, tearing apart nearly every inch of the car’s interior. From the door panels to the seats and everything in between, the car’s insides resembled a disaster zone after the bear’s rampage. To make matters worse, the bear left an unpleasant surprise inside the vehicle which certainly didn’t stand to make the owner feel any better about the situation.

Helpless, the partygoers could only watch in awe, wisely opting not to intervene in the bear’s furious episode. Fortunately, professionals arrived later to safely open the car door and allow the bear to make its escape. Alejandra, the unfortunate car owner, faced the daunting task of driving her ravaged vehicle home and dealing with her insurance company to arrange repairs.