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Travis Pastrana Chases Mt. Washington Hillclimb World Record – FULL ADRENALINE

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on August 25, 2021

We can’t help but admire a racing driver of any sort who is willing to take on a narrow roadway with danger on either side at full speed. When it comes to the Mt. Washington Hillclimb, one can certainly expect a good bit of this. In fact, not only is the road incredibly narrow with mixed conditions, it’s also lined with some of the most treacherous conditions that one might find. If the trees don’t worry you then perhaps a sizable drop with imminent fatality might do the trick of turning up the adrenaline.

This time, we take such a road and throw speeds of 130 or more MPH at it to try and break a record. It takes a special type of courage mixed with a healthy dose of a love of adrenaline to take on such a climb. As it turns out, Travis Pastrana has a heaping helping of both of those along with a substantial amount of talent behind the wheel to help carry him to records.

In this particular outing, Pastrana is heading to Mt. Washington and he’s not looking to go home without the record. Wielding the always nasty Subaru “AirSlayer” WRX STI, Pastrana is wide open, taking on the climb with no fear. It’s certainly a course that most would be cautious about driving up slowly. In this case, though, “slow” is a word that is thrown from the vocabulary entirely.

Down in the video below, we get to see the action from a variety of different angles including from inside the car. Seeing it from the first-person point of view is one way to really get that adrenaline going.

When Pastrana kicks off, his target is a time of 05:44:72 that will perch the Hillclimb atop Mt. Washington royalty. With each second that ticks by, we can feel the tension building. Strap in for yourself and join the insanity down below!

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