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Tree Nearly Lands on Lexus SUV During Hurricane Irma… SUV Does Huge Stoppie

As we all know, if you head out to drive when the weather conditions aren’t exactly dry and sunny, you want to pay extra close attention to the road ahead of you. It’s during times like these that other people on the road tend to drive like idiots and as such, you need to be a little bit more prepared to take on the consequences of not only those people but also the different environmental obstacles that could be coming your way. This time, we catch up with the situation as one Of those obstacles did come in the direction of this Lexus driver and things immediately got serious.

There was absolutely no way that this driver would’ve had any sort of time to be able to react to what happened right in front of them as they were driving through Hurricane Irma when, all of a sudden, a massive tree fell straight in their path. The timing was impeccably wrong as the Lexus probably had about one second to jam on the brakes, if that, as the tree crossed its path, causing the SUV to collide with the solid piece of wood and do a sort of stoppie, almost making it look like the car had a strong set of front brakes. The scene was truly insane.

As the dash cam footage shows, it does look like the driver behind the wheel here did end up being alright after the ordeal. It’s probably all due to the fact that they were wearing their seat belt when it all went down. This is really a crappy situation for anyone to be a part of but I would venture to think of this person is glad that they didn’t get launched out of the windshield in the process. If you thought you were having a little bit of bad luck, one look at this video will more than likely make you feel like your bad luck isn’t even all that terrible after all.

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