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Tremec 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission Introduced to New GT500

When talking about performance, everybody wants to know all about that horsepower figure. It seems like sometimes, car fans can get tunnel vision as to one factor of the whole picture. Everybody wants to know how many ponies it’s putting to the ground. As it turns out, there are plenty more factors to consider across-the-board. For example, picking out just the right transmission can be a good way to turn a good car into a great car. It can also be a good way to go in the opposite direction. After all, we have seen some pretty big transmission failures over the years. They have a way of sinking an otherwise perfectly good model.

It seems like, for the latest rendition of Shelby GT500, Ford has really decided the step up to the plate and go with something serious. In fact, Tremec will be onboard with something special to accommodate the power coming from the GT500 to make sure that it makes it to the ground.

Via FordNXT “Capable of shift transitions in less than one-tenth of a second, markedly faster than any manual gearbox, Shelby GT500’s computer-controlled TREMEC 7-speed dual-clutch transmission delivers the best of both worlds – high power and torque transfer plus smart powertrain controls. With this dual-clutch transmission, a whole new world of performance is at your fingertips – full automatic, semi-automatic paddle shift mode and full manual paddle shift.”

“Featuring twin clutches that engage and release in perfect computer-controlled synchronization, the TREMEC DCT can transition from gear to gear with either imperceptible limousine-like shifts or the ferocity of an F1 machine.”

It’s said that the transmission will have street, drag strip, or track mode depending on what the driver is looking to get into.

TREMEC’s managing director even goes so far as saying that the “TR-9070 integrates into the Shelby powertrain in a way that must experience to be appreciated.” It’s only natural for the most powerful Mustang ever built. After reading up on the details of this one, it seems like now more than ever, the GT500 is going to be one bad machine.