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Dirtbike Rider Jumps for his Life as a High-speed Train Runs Over His Bike

One of the first things that everyone learns about railroad tracks is not to play on them! However, the first thing that most will do when given the chance is exactly that! When these dirtbike riders went for a little stroll, they just so happened to be next to some train tracks and when one of the riders dropped their bike on the tracks, things got mighty ugly in a hurry as a train was quickly approaching, ready to plow straight through the rider and his bike alike without even hesitating for a second. That’s light work compared to some of the other obstacles that this massive mover probably comes across.

It looks like the rider has to make a decision on whether he wants to try and recover the bike or if he wants to be certain that he’s going to walk away with his life and it looks like he took the best option available as he bails off of the bridge, leaving his dirtbike to get mangled by the train instead of sticking around and risking his life in the matter. If they would have just been smart and stayed away from the tracks altogether, none of this would have ever even come up in the first place!

Check out the video below as a camera mounted on the train shows the final moments before this guy decided that it was time to bail out to avoid being clobbered by the fast moving train, leaving mere feet between himself and disaster as he was just barely able to escape from the jaws of this hunk of iron. From the looks and sounds of things, I wouldn’t bet any money that his dirtbike made it out in one piece or even in the shape of something that resembles a dirtbike, either!