Triple Power Adder Diesel Beast On The Dyno

If you need proof that the diesel performance world has come a long way in the past ...

If you need proof that the diesel performance world has come a long way in the past few years, look no farther than this video from Wagler Competition Products. WCP has quickly established themselves as one of the top diesel performance shops in the world and with projects like this in the works, it’s no wonder people turn to them to push the boundaries in diesel performance.

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This is the definition of max effort, and when you hear it on the dyno, you start to get an understanding for just how insane this build is. When you hear some of the numbers and stats, you’ll probably be blown away like we were.

For instance, the number three. Doesn’t sound like all that big a deal, right? What if I told you that was the number of different types of power adders used on this build. Not only does it have the blower and turbochargers you can see, it’s also plumbed for nitrous, meaning it literally has every power adder known to man on tap.

How about the number 140, as in the number of pounds of boost registered when both the turbos and the blower are cranked up. Cramming that much air into the intake requires a lot of fuel too, as well as water injection to keep things cool. This means when you also add nitrous to the equation, there’s a lot going on to keep this thing happy and you can see in the second dyno pull when it’s unhappy it will let you know by shooting flames out the exhaust.

Finally, how about the number 3,500. That’s the number of horsepower produced by this combo – not in this particular dyno session, though – making it one of the most powerful Diesel engines ever built. The engine was built to compete in three different events in three days: truck pulling, drag racing, and a dyno competition. We’ll see how that plays out in future videos but should make for an interesting competition.

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