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Triple Turbo LS Swapped Ranger Mounts Turbos in the Bed

When we dig into all the different builds around the web, there are some things that truly stand out from the rest. We’re not necessarily talking about the builds that are the most powerful all the time. However, the unique factor can really make them one-of-a-kind. There’s something that’s so appealing about outside-the-box thought that really draws us in and makes us interested.

When it comes to the LS swap, obviously, it’s been done a million times. We can find the engine in just about every platform imaginable and even some that we would’ve never thought of. Heck, we have even seen the engine find its way to a Ford Ranger, like we see here, before.

However, this one throws a little bit of a different curveball in the mix. Instead of being a traditional LS swap, this one has a couple of turbos remotely mounted in the pickup truck’s bed. That’s not all, though. Instead, we find what might be the first Ford Ranger of its kind.

Not only does the swap place the turbos in the bed. There are also, count them, three turbos providing boost here. As far as remote mounted turbo LS swaps go, this triple turbo setup might be the most unique. We’ve seen a triple turbo LS before but this one is quite a bit different.

Now, it might seem like an awesome idea and it definitely has some major potential. However, with such a complex combination, there are certainly going to be some road bumps.

By checking out the a21bravo YouTube video below, we get to dig into what such a combination is really all about. There certainly is nothing that is plug and play about this build. When we do get to see the day where it makes some steam, it’ll be rather interesting to see how it all comes together.