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Trophy Truck Gets Squirly in Front of Hundreds of Spectators at 120MPH… SKETCHY!

When we’re talking about trophy truck racing, we’re talking about a sports that can get rather dangerous. As these machines blast their way through miles of desert, there isn’t necessarily a practical way to make sure that there are walls to retain the spectators everywhere that a race like this goes. Therefore, there happen to be a lot of sections of these spectators that are left to stand, surrounding where they know the trophy truck racers will be blasting past with no fence or any sort of guardrail in between them. When the trucks zoom by, this creates the rather precarious situation where a speeding mass is bouncing around mere feet from brave onlookers.

In this one, we get to watch as a trophy truck plows it’s way past a few hundred people at speeds that don’t drop too far below 100 mph and at one point, even reach 120 mph. With some people wanting to get closer to the action than others, they even step into the lane to try and get a video, it really makes for a close call situation just about every time that one of these trucks blasts through a stretch like that. As you can see from the video, bouncing around that over 100 mph doesn’t always create the straightest path of travel, either, and one false move could certainly mean that these people get wiped out.

Check out the sketchy situation down below that you can’t help but keep your eyes peeled to watch. Perhaps this is one of the most exciting parts of the sport for spectators but you have to think that, with people being that close to this fast truck, that the driver has to really be on edge here. Would you dare to stand that close to a trophy truck, literally putting your life in the hands of the driver?