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Trophy Truck Nearly Kills A Spectator!

Trophy Truck Nearly Kills A Spectator!

Due to the nature of the spectating areas in trophy truck racing, close calls are far too common and wreak havoc for drivers and fans alike.

This time, we come across a pair of folks who just wanted to watch a little bit of racing, but got too close to the proverbial fire and nearly got burnt!

Check out the series of videos below as one spectator comes mere inches from his death via a flying trophy truck and the other was absent minded enough to stand in the middle of the course and actually did get run over by one of the trucks!

Nobody was hurt here, but maybe these folks will be a little more aware next time or race officials will step up to make the events safer for everybody in the future!


This guy actually got hit!

The occurrence of near fatalities is more common than you might think.

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