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Trophy Truck vs Funny Car

What happens when you take a pro drag racer and stick him in a trophy truck and take the driver of that trophy truck and put him in the drag car?

This time, we find out just that as the Snap-on Seat Swap Experience takes Funny Car champ, Cruz Pedregon and off-road racing champ, Bryce Menzies and mixes up their worlds.

At first, the racing on the strip starts out in a tame rail, making around 700hp, then they head to the dunes to try out the 850hp trophy truck

After all is said and done with the swap, the drivers hop back in their respective rides, with Cruz bringing out the real racecar to see how it’ll do against the trophy truck in a bracket race.

Check out the video below to see if a 6-second head start is enough for Menzies to taste that finish line before Pedregon is able to cross.


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