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This Truck Attachment Allows Construction Crews To Safely Move Cones

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on March 1, 2021

When I first saw this video, I thought the Barrel Mover 5000 seemed downright silly. But after watching the whole video and getting a good look at what this thing does, and more importantly, how efficiently it does its job, it actually makes pretty good sense.
If you watch construction crews setting up a work zone on the highway, you’ll notice that moving the barrels or cones takes a really long time, because, at least until now, they’ve been moved by hand.

They’re literally only able to move as fast as the workers can walk, meaning they may make it a mile every 10-15 minutes or so, at least by my best guess.
With the Barrel Mover 5000 attached to the front of a pickup, a single crewman can shift up to3.5 miles of barrels in that same amount of time. I’ll admit I think the setup needs a little tweaking, as the back-and-forth motion of the truck seems a little inefficient and annoying, but the basic principle is pretty solid, I think it just needs some minor adjustments.

There’s also an added safety element at play that I think most barrel movers would appreciate, as they will no longer be walking alongside moving traffic, but will have the relatively safe confines of a pickup truck surrounding them as they do their job. While they could certainly still be hit and injured, or worse, in the truck, they stand a far better chance of surviving than if they’re hit by a passing car while walking.

Overall I have to give the Barrel Mover 5000 a resounding passing grade. Upping efficiency while adding safety for the worker behind the wheel are both positives, with the only negative I see being the awkward way they driver has to weave back and forth at times to get the barrels where he wants them to go. That’s a small price to pay and a small “con” when the “pros” are much more significant, at least in my opinion.

Barrel Mover

This truck attachment allows construction crews to safely move construction barrels around the road.

Posted by Cheddar on Thursday, March 28, 2019


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