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Truck Driver FAIL! Takes Out Brand New GMC Truck

I’ve written many an article about truck drivers and often sing their praises as well-trained drivers that work hard to keep this country running, and in the vast majority of cases, that’s solid logic. However, there are definitely times when those supposedly well trained drivers run completely out of talent and do some inexplicably stupid things. Thanks to the widespread use of dash cams, many of these incidents are now being caught on video, which we love to share with you guys.

Make no mistake, I am not turning my back on my truck driving friends. I’ll stick to my guns one hundred percent in claiming that most over-the-road truckers are safer drivers than those of us behind the wheel of regular cars, pickup trucks and SUV’s. But just like any other profession, there are always going to be “bad apples” that give the whole industry a black eye, and this dashcam footage has one of “those guys” on video. The clip is a few minutes long, but if you read the captions added by the camera owner, there’s a little bit of a setup leading to the actual act of blatant stupidity.

Basically, the big rig driver in front of the camera truck doesn’t follow instructions when entering the roadside scales, taking the bypass lane when he’d been instructed via the overhead signals to pull to the right and weigh his truck. This means that the driver has to drive past the scale house and park or drive around and back to the proper lane.

No big deal, right? WRONG!

The driver pulls ahead and goes to make the admittedly sharp turn back toward the scales, but he turns too sharply and drags his trailer right into the nose of a stopped GMC pickup that’s pulling a small travel trailer. As you’d expect, this causes pretty significant damage to the nose of the truck and sends the pickup’s driver scrambling for safety.

Common sense, guys. It’s not so common anymore.