Truck Gets Stuck, Boat With Chain Comes To The Rescue

Getting your truck nice and wedged into a hole due to some lackluster driving ability ...

Getting your truck nice and wedged into a hole due to some lackluster driving ability or maybe even a lapse in focus is something that might be easy to slip into. Generally, you will have another vehicle armed with a rope or chain to come along and help pull you out if you are stuck in a situation like this one and even though it could take some convincing, usually, if you have enough torque, you can get the job all wrapped up in a jiff.

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This time, the help doesn’t necessarily come in the form of another truck but rather, a boat. Yes, you read that right. With the obscure circumstances comes the chance for an obscure rescue mission and an interesting video naturally follows. I’m not sure that we’ve ever seen something like this before but now that we do, we just can’t look away from the story that our eyes are telling us here.

The situation is pretty similar to any other that you might see except for the tow vehicle as this boat throttles down a little bit and muscles its way away from the dock, attempting to yank this truck out of its sticky situation. There are a lot of factors to balance here so that the boat doesn’t go under and the truck doesn’t end up getting pulled too far and taking a solid nosedive into the water.

The rescue is actually pretty exciting to watch and can be witnessed down in the clip below. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think of this unique solution to a rather unique problem. When we saw the title of this one, we immediately pictured it going too far and that truck landing right in the drink but just the right amount of muscle called for a job well done.

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