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Truck Does HUGE Barrel Roll In Baja! PERFECT LANDING!

Truck Does HUGE Barrel Roll In Baja! PERFECT LANDING!

Four-wheeled vehicles are generally not laid out to be sent into the air, especially when being airborne involves going upside down. Even though that’s the norm, you would never know that by looking at Adrian “Wildman” Cenni during this epic stunt.

We ride along as Cenni completes the first ever ground to ground 360° barrel roll in a four-wheeled vehicle. This craziness that went down in Mexico a few months ago has us thoroughly impressed from start to finish.

We couldn’t even imagine the adrenaline rush for Wildman as the truck was sent spiraling through the air. Check out the execution of the barrel roll in the video below.

This stunt took more courage than we have to even think about attempting. Would you hop being the wheel and go for gold in this high risk situation?

This WORLD RECORD jump will make your head spin!



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