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Chevy Like A ROCK!

When you have lots of room to play and some old machinery to beat up on, it can create quite a memorable situation if you play your cards right. This time, that’s the exact setup that we find ourselves being a part of as these guys happen to have a rusty old Chevrolet pickup truck hanging out on their farm. Instead of writing the truck off as complete junk and salvaging whatever parts off of it that they could before sending it to the scrap pile, these guys decided that they would have one last hurrah when they decided to get the adrenaline pumping just a little bit and possibly throw a little bit of big air into the mix.

In this situation, we ride along with the crazy antics as these guys completely launched the truck off of a DIY ramp, sending it into the air and making it comes down hard! Normally, this might not be such a big deal but with as rusty of the frame as this truck had, it took no time at all for it to bend in half on the landing. Hopefully this wasn’t something that they needed for any future adventures because something tells me that after a stunt like this, this truck is going to be put out of commission for good. I bet that didn’t feel too good when the driver came down hard like that with like that with absolutely no suspension underneath of him to break his fall.

Check out the video down below that will take you on the scene of these backyard antics that look like a lot of fun. If you had a junk truck like this laying around, would you be ready to launch it off of a ramp in the way that these guys did? It looks like they’re having a blast doing so but maybe they’d be smart to carry around a bottle of Advil to make sure they don’t feel that bump in the morning.

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