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Retro Review 1996 Truck Shootout! (Sweet Nostalgia)

When taking a look at the evolution of pickup trucks over the last couple of decades, it’s quite mind-boggling to see just how far this type of vehicle has come. Sure, automobiles as a whole have definitely evolved to a whole new level. It’s easy to see that technological advancements onboard are moving along at a faster pace than ever. However, pickup trucks might arguably be the most advanced segment that we’re going to see. After all, once upon a time, manufacturers saw them as nothing more than a workhorse. It wasn’t all that long ago when there weren’t very many frills on board. That is, unless said frills were related to getting the job done in some way. Today, we can get just as many features on a pickup as a luxury car. We have to say that trucks are getting pretty crazy!

During this retro review that took place when the 1996 lineup of full-size dually pickup trucks, we find ourselves laughing a little bit over some of the features that the reviewers would gush over that set these truck apart from the pack. The basic nature of these trucks is certainly something to be admired. However, it’s certainly a stark difference from today’s versions of Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge, which has since turned their trucks to the “Ram” brand.

By following the old school Motor Week review down below, it’s quite easy to find yourself getting swept over by a sweet wave of nostalgia, especially when it comes to chatting about the price that comes in within the ballpark of $30,000, if not a bit less for each truck. Remember, this is for the top of the line trucks, when it comes to towing. Today, forget all of the extra features. The starting price of an HD truck is probably going to be somewhere near $40,000!