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Truck Tailgate Hideaway System

If you want to purchase a vehicle for its functionality, a pickup truck might be the way to go. With a long bed behind you, there are lots of things that you can do with the body style, throwing your load in the back and pulling it to wherever you please. However, even though the pickup truck is a design that has been around for years and proven to be plenty helpful to those looking to move large amounts of material, there are still some design flaws that have been incorporated into the body style for years. With inventors like this small town man, those design flaws might be going away before you know it!

One of the design characteristics that get in the way that you might notice is that of the tailgate. When you fold the tailgate down, it’s the easiest way to remove the objects from the bed so, therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to have a tailgate that would get out of your way when you put it down? Now, with the way that automotive technology is rapidly advancing, you would have thought that one of the automakers would’ve been able to incorporate this into their design as of now but, as you have seen, pickup trucks do nothing of the sort out of the factory. Therefore, it’s time to look to the aftermarket!

Follow along in the video below that will show off this hidden tailgate system that could make hooking up trailers, moving material, and just about everything else that you use a pickup truck bed for a little bit easier. Be sure to tell us what you think of the design and if you would pay your hard earned money to purchase an upgrade like this for your truck.On the surface, it looks like something that could be incredibly helpful if you use your truck’s bed a lot!


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