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Trucker Tells Craziest Stories From Working on the Open Road During COVID-19 Pandemic

As we amble our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, it has taken a while to get used to this new way of living. With folks stuck at home and all sorts of precautions in place, were not sure if we will ever exactly get completely used to this way of spending our days. However, there’s a good chance that many parts of the world will never be exactly the same. Perhaps, this point in time is going to serve as a learning moment to where we can put some better practices in place.

We aren’t saying that everybody should stand 6 feet away from each other forever. However, maybe regular hand washing can now be implemented into the home of every American who wasn’t already practicing the measure.

As far as how life was going at the peak of the pandemic, assuming that we have seen the worse, the answer is likely different for everybody. Some simply shifted to working from home. The lack of human interaction has been sure to impact most but some folks have definitely felt the financial impact more than others.

One group of folks who have found themselves fortunate to still have a job is a good portion of the truckers in America. As far as we can tell, there wasn’t a time during the pandemic where trucking was completely shut down, even if some jurisdictions decided to keep their workers at home.

This time, thanks to the VINWiki YouTube channel, we get to hear from a man who was trucking right through the pandemic. In his stories, we hear everything from how the roads were wildly different to horror stories of driving in New York as a nonlocal driver when the locals were prohibited from working.

Let’s just say that this change of plans certainly threw more than a single wrench in the gears.