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Two Truck Owners Try And Prank This Lady By Blocking In Her Car, But Who’s Laughing Now!

In this day and age, pranks are running rampant on the web with pranksters trying to think of all sorts of different scenarios that they can frame their victim in with the aim of getting a good reaction out of them. These videos have definitely found their way to hit the viral stream and as such, some of the people behind these clips have also managed to gain quite the following. However, what if it isn’t exactly a person that you’re trying to promote but instead, a product? It looks like this hilariously awkward stunt was set up to do just that and we have to say that it accomplished that mission by gaining our attention entirely as we were waiting to see how it would unfold.

Straight from the beginning, we have to admit that pretty much any person with a halfway decent head on their shoulders would realize that this is pretty fake. Just from the hilariously bad dialogue alone, it doesn’t take a detective to decipher the fact that this is all set up. However, the content within isn’t that bad. Instead, a lit bit of a plot twist is thrown into the mix to show us a prank situation that backfires on its creators entirely. If you think of this one as a little bit more toward the skit comedy side and a little bit less toward the genuine reaction side then you’ll be able to enjoy it for what it is.

Check out the video down below as a couple of pranksters bring in their big trucks and attempt to block in a poor girl who’s driving a BMW. Instead of getting frustrated at being blocked in by these massive machines, she instead had a little bit of a trick up her sleeve and decided to use one of her car’s features to get her out of this tough spot. After checking out the little prank demonstration down in the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of a video like this one.


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