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True Street No Prep Racing – No Prep Mayhem

Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch some no prep action without interruptions. The guys at Urban Hillbilly are some of the best at bringing you clips like this, over thirteen straight minutes of footage from No Prep Mayhem from Kansas International Dragway. All of this footage is from the True Street class, which features cars that are still streetable for the most part, running on small tires.

As you can see, streetable small tire cars can still put on one hell of a show, with several of them hanging the front wheels high in the air despite the unprepared surface that others found to be quite a challenge to get down. Pay special attention to the Firehawk reaching for the sky several rounds in a row, down to the quarter finals where he put up a huge wheelstand, only to lose by a bumper. This is some excellent footage with great sound, so hit play and check out the video!