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TT Corvette Makes TONS of POWER and That’s Just the LOW BOOST Setting!

With all sorts of different racing formats available in straight-line competition these days, you can pretty much pick and choose your favorite whether it be rocketing to insane speeds in the eighth mile on a prepared track or removing the prep from the equation and hitting a half mile surface. This time, it just so happens that we head out to the half-mile airstrip to see how cars perform in the open. In particular, in this flick, we check out the Hot Springs, Virginia, WannaGoFast event to get a load of a sinister Chevrolet Corvette that is just beginning the process to see how much top speed it can squeeze out before crossing the finish line. The setup under the hood is something to be admired and when you throw in the fact that it’s a stick shift car, things get even juicier!

The deck is certainly stacked in this car’s favor as it heads out on low boost, sporting a pair of turbos that are pushing air through A 427 LSx powerplant. When all is said and done, the machine makes a mean 1300 hp on the conservative power setting and that’s good enough to propel it to just over 194 mph in the half mile of racing surface. Now, it’s easy to get lost in these figures as many cars are reaching out and touching more than 200 mph, but I guarantee you that speed like this is not something that you see every day and is definitely something to be admired. This boosted beast is really a product of hard work and dedication that we’re excited to see push the limits as those behind it figure out how to make in gather traction when they turn up that boost.

Check out the video below as the BigKleib34 cameras are rolling and focused in on this machine that really packs a punch and then some! After seeing this one for yourself, you have got to tell us what you think of this loud and proud boosted V8 as it pushes a sleek body across the traps with some incredible inertia. You’d better not blink when watching this one because there’s a good chance that you might just miss a little something.