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Tubing Behind a 500hp Jet Ski is Our Kind of Sketchy Fun

When it comes to reward per horsepower ratio, a jet ski has a lot of upside. With the lightweight nature of these things, they don’t need to make a ton of power to go fast. Therefore, when you cram 500 ponies into one, things can get rather intense. This time, that’s exactly what we check out as a turbocharged Sea-Doo is really opened up out on the water.

While the internet is teeming with thousand horsepower builds, it can be easy to forget that 500 hp is still a pretty good amount of juice. Combining that with such a small platform like this is a way to definitely have a good time. However, in this one, we find that the intensity is cranked up even further than just riding such a ski.

Instead, when the journey is broadcast by the BoostedBoiz, we know that there are bound to be a couple of plot twists in the mix. This time, the high-performance ski in question is being paired with the likes of a tube. That’s right, somebody was actually crazy enough to hop on a pull-along tube and ride behind a machine that’s capable of really flying through the water. That takes a good amount of trust for the person behind the handlebars to be brave enough to be drug behind a performer like this!

By following along with the video below, we get the inside scoop on how exactly something like this works. We get a feeling that some people are going to be more comfortable watching this one from behind the screen. However, there’s probably another group out there that’s just itching to head to the water to try out some tubing like this for themselves. No matter which group you might fall into, watching these factors come together is quite an enjoyable experience.


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