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Tuned F150 Coyote 5.0L VS Tuned Ecoboost on Drag Strip and Dyno

So, you picked out a truck that you want. You even found all of the creature comforts that you think are necessary for you want to buy it. All that’s left to do is pick out the engine of choice.

Back in the day, this decision was pretty easy. If you wanted a light-duty pickup truck for some casual load-hauling, you could get away with the cheaper V6. If you wanted a little bit more juice to do some heavier hauling, the V8 was probably the better option. These days, though, the decision might not be so cut and dry. Of course, we’re speaking to the light-duty market here, so let’s not get into diesel power.

For those looking to pick up a Ford light-duty pickup truck, there are 2 very viable power options. In one corner, we have the tried and true V8 engine. In the other, we have the EcoBoost V6. This isn’t just any V6, though. Instead, it’s a very capable option that takes a shot at the V8’s throne. There have even been talks of this sort of combination maybe replacing the V8 eventually.

This time, we tune in with our host, Justin Dugan, over on the AmericanTrucks Ford YouTube channel. The goal is to get to the bottom of which one of these beasts is better in a particular scenario. Not too many people who purchase a Ford F-150 are going to head straight to drag strip however, we can’t help but wonder how these two will hold up against one another.

In the video below, Justin takes us through a series of tests that finds out just that. In this one, we get to learn all about how these trucks stack up against one another in both stock and tuned formats. It’s rather interesting to see how much potential is untapped with each.

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