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Turbo AWD Silverado VS 2000+HP Nissan GTR, In $10k Grudge Race, Burnout the Whole Time!

Turbo AWD Silverado Wins $10k Grudge Race Doing Burnout the Whole Time

There are a lot of different ways to go fast in the drag racing world. When it comes to some of the less common platforms, it’s important not to sleep on them! When looking at a common Chevrolet Silverado, the first thought might not be speed. However, as we’ve seen, with the right person turning the wrenches, that can change fast. When combining LS power with a platform that’s not too heavy and also sends power to all four wheels may be brutal.

This time, Salinas Photography takes us to the scene of the action with a Silverado named “Ladybug.”

This 4×4 clad in red is certainly nothing to mess with. In fact, the owner was even willing to put $5,000 on that sentiment. In the other lane here, we have a Nissan GT-R that cranks out 2,000 hp. It took some shots back and forth on the keyboard to get them to line up. It’s a heck of a race when they do, though!

Both competitors are suited to go to battle and go to battle they do. This slobber knocker of a race needs to be seen to be believed. Sometimes, the billing behind a race makes it sound much more dramatic than it is. In this case, though, all hype is more than warranted.

With $10k on the line, the Silverado ends up spinning all four tires. Normally, that would be a bad thing but Ladybug doesn’t seem to mind. Even with all four corners going up in smoke, the truck continues to pull away from the competition. This might just be the first time that we’ve ever seen a grudge race won while the winner does a burnout for the entire length of the track.

Tune in to the video below and prepare for the ultimate adrenaline rush. As if having big money on the line wasn’t enough, this one delivers in more ways than one!

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