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Turbo Erupts in Ball of Flames During Tractor Pulling Competition

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on September 4, 2019

Sometimes, when it comes to the components under the hood of performance application, they don’t always like the intensity. After all, these components are put into a pressure cooker of constant abuse. When it comes to something like a tractor pull, not only do they have to create big power. They also have to create this power over an extended period of time. That means lots of heat and friction which are essentially the enemy of an engine. Maximum RPM on the engine and turbo alike end up getting pretty combustible sometimes.

This time, we check out a tractor pull where things didn’t exactly align for the driver in question. As the machine was cranking out some major torque, it turns out that one factor in this equation slid out of line. It was from there that the domino effect would occur and things would end up getting pretty heated.

Instead of a situation without drama, it turns out that this team ended with more than they bargained for. As the tractor would surge on, from what we understand here, the turbocharger would actually end up exploding. This wouldn’t be a simple bang and a wrapped up race, though. Instead, flames would shoot out from under the hood as the tractor would go down and quite the cinematic fashion. This wasn’t simmering out, it was a “blaze of glory” type of situation, for sure.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in with the scene of the action. We’re sure that this is probably not the way that the team had envisioned the night going. However, sometimes, that’s simply the way it has to go. For those who are ready to compete, they also have to be ready for a misstep that ends with a bang.

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