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Turbo Explosion – 2168 hp Cummins Nitrous Fail – Dyno Carnage

When you’re building something designed to make a lot of power, the urge to throw just a little more boost or timing at it can outweigh the need to be safe.

This time, we check out a sinister looking Cummins powered Dodge Ram that throws some nitrous into the equation, making some killer numbers…literally.

The truck does manage to make a pull amounting to 2168hp, but it looks like the turbo just wasn’t agreeing with all of that power.

While the truck was mid-pull, we’re greeted with a rather large explosion, causing a major flame show and sending pieces of turbo bouncing around the engine bay.

Check out the video below as the truck makes a pull that starts out healthy, but ends in destruction. Maybe it’s time for a bit of an upgrade here.


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