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Turbo Fox Save of the Year at Armageddon No Prep

One of the most exciting parts of being a spectator to a drag race is the fact that things could manage to escalate to quite a volatile situation in a hurry. You really never know what’s going to happen next and excitement really comes to life in a moment where you’re really on the edge of what’s safe. However, as someone who’s behind the wheel of a race car, these are the situations that you probably fear as being the worst and would most likely like to avoid. For a racer, the more boring and vanilla the better as they’d like for nothing more than to go from point A to point B with no drama, in the fastest way possible.

This time, we watch in as a moment unfolds that will truly have you puckering as the No Prep known as “Armageddon” decided to deliver up some really magnetic moments with this one being absolutely no different as the surface almost swallowed this turbocharged Fox Body whole!

Instead of that anti-climatic pass, continuing down the track and trying to gain a victory, the car was kind of sent into a frenzy as soon as the throttle dropped, pushing the car sideways and leaving the driver to have to react quickly to save it and luckily, he managed to get the pony under control. However, the save came only after the car rotated 360° and went into the opposite lane in the process, probably leading everyone on hand to expect the worst.

All in all, the situation called for a really close call but thankfully, no damage was done in the scheme of the breathtaking moment. For a moment there, you couldn’t help but have your stomach form a knot as the car seems to be wandering around the entire track before the driver finally managed to get it all under control.