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Turbo Hybrid Sleeper?! K20 Honda Insight!

Every once in a while, you come across a car that really turns your head but not for the reasons that you might have originally thought. Sure, with a vehicle like a Chevrolet Corvette or maybe a Dodge Viper, you can turn your head and stare, all because these are really some amazing feats of engineering and design that are truly designed to grab your attention to make you stare. However, on the other hand, with a machine like the Honda Insight, the only reason that you’re staring at one normally is probably that you’re cracking a joke at the person behind the wheel. Sorry, Honda Insight drivers, if you value your sanity, you’ll probably learn to laugh at yourself, too.

This time, however, we catch up with the owner of a Honda Insight who has done a little bit of modification to the car and is taking those laughs and turnin them into lemonade. Instead of just using the car as it was originally designed for as a fuel-sipping economy machine that’s designed to get you to and from work and maybe to the grocery store all on a budget when it comes to fuel expenditures, this Honda owner has taken the platform and modeled it after one of those high-performance Hondas that you’ll see ripping down the racing surface at whatever event you choose to go to.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll learn a little bit more about this K20 powered Insight and watch as it goes up against another unique machine in a BMW M3 that happens to have a single turbo 1JZ under the hood. Both cars rip and both are head-turners, so tune into the That Racing Channel video down below and see exactly what it is about these cars that makes them something special as they steal the show.