Turbo LS Powered Mud Truck Screams Through Every Obstacle

If you take a look around at all of the possible power options that you have for an ...

If you take a look around at all of the possible power options that you have for an older vehicle that you’re looking to bring into the modern era, at least when it comes to what’s under the hood, it seems like one of the most popular by far is the LS series of engines. With the reputation that really proceeds itself as being able to create lots of power on a budget, at least when compared to other engines, the LS really sticks its head out as it has picked up quite the following as a result of its merit.

This time, we check out another vehicle that is taking advantage of LS power as an old-school square body Chevrolet C10, a twin-turbo setup to be specific, shows off the power as it lights up the pair of turbos accompanying this particular LS motor in order to blast this thing through the mud and grime like it’s nothing.

It’s incredibly fun to watch the truck as it certainly shows no shortage of power under the hood to spin those tires, even when the terrain beneath them probably would say otherwise. This thing absolutely is something that commands your attention in a situation like this.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get a taste of what exactly an LS engine sounds like as it revs to the moon, blasting through the mud like it means business! There’s just something about that screaming note that can really make your heart sing. When you see the result that accompanies that boisterous noise, we guarantee that you’re going to be having even more fun in the process. It almost seems like there’s no obstacle too big as to get in the way of this monster of a machine and stop it.

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